Group Status: DevOps H23

Group Status: DevOps H23

14. oktober 2023 15:01

Skrevet av Njål Brynhildarson Telstø

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Take a glimpse into what DevOps has in store for this semester!

Redesigning the website!

Yes, it’s about time. We’re planning to do a full redesign of the website! We’ve gotten some brilliant designers on our team and have high hopes that we can create a new design which really shows what Hackerspace is all about. We’re currently in the midst of the design process, and hope that the new website will start to take form before the end of the semester. In terms of technicalities, we’re planning to implement the new frontend using React, a popular and powerful library, which we hope will make the development process more efficient and pleasant. The transition requires us to rework our backend, as it will be necessary to expose a public API which the frontend can utilize. Here’s a preview of what the design might look like. Stay tuned for more updates!

Migrating to the cloud!

In DevOps, coding isn’t the sole focus. We’re also responsible for managing the servers hosting our website. Currently, our two physical servers, Duppeditt and Dingseboms, are humming away in the basement of IT bygget. To our demise, NTNU has urged us to shift from physical servers to their own cloud platform. Transitioning to the cloud involves more than just copying the code from one place to another. To simplify the migration we are opting to dockerize our app. This allows us to create a container for our application, enabling it to run correctly anywhere, including the cloud!