Meet LabOps

Meet LabOps

2. mai 2023 10:37

Skrevet av Johannes Michael Krämer

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What do we do and who are we? Here is our status update for this Semester.

Did you ever wonder who keeps the workshop running like a well-oiled machine? Enter LabOps. These guys are the unsung heroes who manage the equipment, maintain the workshop, and train members on how to use the tools safely and effectively.

LabOps is the reason why members can use the equipment without any issues. We organize courses to train members on how to use our tools safely and effectively, maintain the workshop and manage our equipment, so members can focus on bringing their ideas to life.

And it’s not just equipment management and member training that LabOps handles. We also manage the workshop itself, making sure it’s clean, organized, and provides enough workshop for members to work on their projects.

But that’s not all. This semester, LabOps has been busy with marketing efforts too. We’ve arranged several stands and events to promote NTNU Hackerspace, spreading the word about the amazing work that’s being done here. It’s thanks to our efforts that more people are discovering the workshop and getting involved in the community.

And let’s not forget the fun stuff. LabOps has organized social events like a skiing trip and a movie night, providing members with opportunities to have fun and socialize outside of their projects.

In short, LabOps is the backbone of NTNU Hackerspace, keeping everything running smoothly. So don’t forget about LabOps, because without our hard work and dedication, the workshop simply wouldn’t be able to function effectively xD