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Group Status: LabOps

Group Status: LabOps

29. april 2024 11:41

Skrevet av William Henry Tjønndal

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Group status update for LabOps for the spring semester of 2024

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a fantastic day! If you are reading this, then you are probably wondering what LabOps’ responsibilities are and what we do on a day to day basis.

Our main responsibility is taking care of the workshop itself. That is, making sure that all equipment is working properly and is not missing. This semester we managed to fix all the 3D printers, some had been out of order for quite a while. In March we had a workshop cleaning evening where everyone, including members from the other groups, helped us make the workshop nice and tidy again. After cleaning, everyone was rewarded with delicious pizza🍕!

Our other primary responsibility is arranging courses and events. This semester, we arranged internal 3D-printing courses, a course about Arduino and microcontrollers and a course about the Linux terminal and Rasberry Pis. Most courses and events tend to be for members only, but some of them are open to everyone! You can check our website regularly to sign up for such courses.
As mentioned above, we organized a workshop cleaning night, but we’ve also had a LAN Party🎮 at FRAM and a board game night🎲 at Programvare­verkstedet (PVV).

Finally, we are responsible for organising stands, but this semester the leadership of Hackerspace has taken over that responsibility.

Our plans for the future include organising a course on how to use the laser cutter, and organising a Go-karting event! We also received a micro-pipetting earlier this semester, which we need to set up. Overall, we’ve had a fantastic semester and we’re excited for the next semester will bring!

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