Group status: DevOps V22

Group status: DevOps V22

26. april 2022 18:06

Skrevet av Carl Johan Gützkow

Lest 718 ganger

This semester will not be forgotten

Why does DevOps even exists?

As Hackerspace's IT group we are responsible for the website. We are a team of 8 members who maintain, operate, implement new features and learn new aspects about the website in the process. This includes making sure the servers.....................exists. I wish I could write "work" or "runs", but the servers were actually down for two whole weeks meaning our website was inaccessible. To this day, the origin of the servers' shutdown is still unknown. One of the only facts we do know is that previous DevOps leader August was the last one on the site before it crashed 🤔.  With a lot of hard work we eventually got two new servers set up with the website back in action. 


What have we done this semester?

We started and are still working on a new infrastructure for our servers. It will be more secure and easier to maintain. This also means that our DevOps training material had to be reworked to some extent by adding courses for learning this new infrastructure. Hopefully our new members coming in fall will keep up with it. 

Regarding the website we have added:

  1. Downloadable ical files to add to your own calender locally.
  2. Automatic skills from events
  3. Project archive
  4. Implemented fuzzy search for members
  5. generally better design
  6. and more various enhancements
  7. etc.
  8. A LOT BETTER documentation


Backups to Google Drive are now:

  1. Robust
  2. Agile
  3. Scalable
  4. Scheduled

What are we planning to do?

Nest semester we will be even more efficient than this semester. 

Features like using markdown, filtering users by which skills they have, leaderboard and more are examples of implementations we would like. We are of course doing as many bug fixes as we have to together in addition to trying to have a usable website for as long as we can.

Everyone in DevOps have worked hard this semester and hopefully we will continue working just as hard next semester. If there are any questions or features you would like to see, you can send a message on Slack either in #dev-public or directly to me.

Good luck with your exams and enjoy spring and summer while it lasts.

Carl Gützkow, Leader DevOps