Augmented Reality course

Augmented Reality course

Dette arrangementet er åpent for alle studenter uavhengig av Hackerspace-medlemskap

event 07. september 2018

access_time 17:00 til 19:00


with Ludenso (Unity + Vuforia)

Pokémon Go was a huge hit, now it is time to create the next big AR app! This is the long-waited opportunity to create real magic and have it in your pocket on your phone. Also possible AR Dev Kits hand-outs from Ludenso!

After this course you will now how to:

- Set up Vuforia and Unity together
- Get a dragon to appear on the Magi Tile
- Control the dragon with the Magi Dice

ATTENTION! You have to install Unity(with Vuforia) and register yourself on Vuforia web-site before coming to the course. See guide here


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